Implement flexible manufacturing. Profit from custom designs. As a manufacturer of industrial machinery and products, you are faced with frequent changes in specification, design, processes, etc. Managing several non-standard materials and processes on the one hand and emphasizing lean manufacturing on the other hand is not an easy task to deal with. How well you manage these complexities helps distinguish your enterprise from competitors. Respond to rapid changes, quickly Change is constant. Embrace it with confidence. Unlike streamlined mass production, your business of manufacturing industrial machinery and products faces frequent changes in engineering specifications, material selection, equipment usage, etc. Ramco ERP on cloud helps you plan and organize your manufacturing process with effective engineering change control. You can reduce the lead time by planning better, and choosing the right materials and processes.

  • Evaluate the changes requested, decide and execute based on the impact of those changes
  • Register all revisions, analyze changes and improve manufacturing process
  • Take advantage of engineering change control and implement the changes quicker
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